Headonistic Hair, Jewel Tones – Just for Unicorns?

Pastel hair tones have been popular for a few years now and are perfect as temporary colours for a bit of fun at festivals and parties, but dare you go bolder? With an array of rich, jewel toned temporary and permanent colours available – do you dare, and how do you nail ‘grown up’ Boho glam?
First off, if you’re aiming to shake up your hair in a dramatic way, the main advantage for considering a jewel tone is not only will it give your hair vibrance and shine, you won’t necessarily need to worry about compromising the integrity of your hair by bleaching, as many of the shades will work on brunette as well as fair hair.
If however you want to go for a full on punch of bright colour, you will need to lift your hair to get the full effect of your chosen shade – but fortunately nowadays there’s Olaplex, which can be mixed in with your colour to protect your hair against damage during the bleaching/dying process.

PRO TIP – Buy an extra tube of dye and add a couple of shots into the Olaplex Step 3 lotion to keep your colour looking vibrant and fresh, which you can then use weekly at home to maintain both the shade and condition of your locks at the same time!

 (Credits IG American_salon)
So whether you want a temporary pay off or longer lasting colour, there are tons of shades and formulas to choose from:
Overtone make vegan colours that are depositing conditioners. There is a ‘Daily Conditioner’ and ‘Weekly Intensive Treatment’ for each shade option and their website is great, giving you strand galleries of each colour over different base tones so you can gauge how strongly it is likely to take.
Pinks, purples, teals, blues – you name it they have it and you can blend your own custom colour by mixing more than one shade for a truly unique look:

Arctic Fox Hair Colour is a longer-lasting semi-permanent option which is vegan and cruelty free and with a variety of bright hued ambassadors on social media there is no shortage of inspiration over on IG. 

Founded by an animal loving alternative model, Arctic Fox dyes are also formulated to fade within the original color spectrum – which is great news because with some dyes that isn’t the case (as I once discovered myself, applying rich purple dye is all very well and lovely but watching it fade to electric Smurf blue and then green, not so much!)
I also love the fact that 15% of the sales go to an animal shelter and the
International Fund for Animal Welfare!


Admittedly not everybody may feel it possible to go to work on a Monday morning with shining peacock toned hair, so if this is the case for you then how about adding some flashes of colour halfway through your hair, so you can rock a cute up-do to reveal them on a weekend…. or consider investing in some decent light blonde clip in hair extensions and custom dye them – that way you can have any bright colour combination you choose, any time.

With so many delicious rich tones to choose from, just give it a go ladies – go forth and be bold!


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