Self-doubt, Style & Sweet Things…


This week’s blog was just going to be about my latest fashion finds  – and it still will be – but I’m obviously more than just handbags and lipstick (much as I pretty much live for them), so have been wanting to write some blogs which are a little deeper. This week seems the ideal time to do so, as I have been finding myself really doubting…… doubting me, my life choices and abilities.

It’s not something that happens very often, I’m usually fairly confident, so it’s been unsettling to be looking inwards and questioning whether I’m following the right path, doing things well, doing all I can….. and I’ve had to stop and really look at why I’m feeling this way.

After a fair bit of late-night soul-searching I’ve realised that it comes down to trying to do too many things and not feeling I’ve done any of them as well as I could have.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I know I can be hard on myself so having to rush certain pieces of work over the past couple of weeks because of client demands has gone against the grain a bit, because I wanted to do the best job possible and didn’t feel I was given enough time to do so.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m used to working under pressure and to deadlines, but this situation has been particularly fraught and I’ve had to accommodate some pretty unreasonable demands, meaning I’ve been feeling under pressure both mentally and physically.

I can now see this has actually made me feel a little…..weak…. I guess would be the right word …. because I’ve been internally bashing myself for struggling and not being tough enough to deal with a difficult person and situation without letting it affect me.

So it’s time to accept that I’m not infallible, everyone has limitations and I’m no exception.  For my overall well-being and happiness I have to make some adjustments. I worry that might mean making less money and having to say no to people – and in doing so, worrying about letting people down – but for positivity and happiness in the longer term I think it’s going to be necessary.

Actually I can already feel myself rising up again just at the thought of cutting some uncomfortable ties!

So this reminds me once again that, in our weaker moments we have to actually be the toughest, allow ourselves to be a little selfish and grant ourselves permission to prioritise our own happiness and well-being….. Even if that goes against the ‘should’ and ought to’ thoughts we automatically have or believe,

So a little reminder about self-care for me this week, which is not a bad thing to stop and take stock of – and at the end of the day, what is meant will be, so it’s all good……and if not there’s always wine…….. !


Everywhere you look online and on the high street, there are cute ankle boots to bring a bit of colour or pattern into darker A/W fashion, so I’ve had a browse to find some great high street options plus a slightly more luxurious but good value pair online ……

Primark, £12 – The rose gold version of these metallic boots are exquisite, but sadly I couldn’t get my hands on a pair of those!

(Ruffled Openwork Jumper, La Redoute, £49)


Topshop, £39 – Love the cute zip detail at the back! These boots are quite dainty so would look great with a dress.

Another Primark bargain, £12. Love the snakeskin accent – these would look great with skinny jeans but are subtle enough to also wear to work.

These shoe boots are super sexy and hit the embroidery, victoriana and velvet trend all in one go! I think they look really quite designer and were only £45, Next.

Slightly more expensive but extremely well made, these Western ankle boots from Asos, £65, are high quality leather and with so much detailing I think they are well worth it.


So with the approach of winter comes the need for comfort food and fragrant, warming spices. Here is a link to a couple of easy, but slightly indulgent recipes such as warm Apple Pie Sundae and Spiced Autumnal Tea from YouTuber Anastasjia Louise – she is a super sweet, quirky girl from the United States who posts lovely scenic videos, thought provoking musings and plenty of thrift hauls for vintage inspiration…. Enjoy!




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