Is It Better Than Sex?

No actually, it was a bit of a flop 😉

I’m talking about the Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara…

I’m not blessed with the best lashes, they’re not particularly long, nor thick, so I need all the help I can get and this is one of those cult mascaras I’ve seen raved about for a number of years.

It’s also cruelty free and from a brand I’ve wanted to try for a long time, so I decided to splurge and spent £23 on this mascara which is meant to be super black and make your lashes look both long and thick.

The Claims:

A mascara so amazing, it’s Better Than Sex! This formula thickens, lengthens, and curls after just one coat for the most luscious, dramatic, and volumized lashes possible. The #1-selling prestige mascara in America, Better Than Sex, gives you mind-blowing lashes, every time!

The Reality:

For about 2 minutes I was really impressed – and then, as I finished applying the second coat on my second eye, I noticed the first one’s lashes were drooping…. my lashes were literally being pulled down and ‘hanging around’ limply, pointing straight ahead rather than being curved, lifted and long like they were just a few seconds before!

Now, ironically, when I applied the mascara to take the pictures for this blog my lashes didn’t flop in the way did before – it had been about a month since I first tried it and the formulation was noticeably drier as I put the mascara on… … so it seems that when it’s really fresh and wet, it’s heavier and pulls your lashes down?

Here’s my natural lashes:


… and with 2 coats of the Mascara:


I do like the deep blackness of it and it definitely makes my lashes stand out and look longer.

You can also get away with a third coat for extra impact if you are careful to go lightly so you don’t get clumps (I managed to smudge some on my lid)


… and with the 3 coats:

The conclusion:

Even with the extra 3rd layer, I still don’t think this mascara is ‘mind-blowing’ as they claim.


I don’t think it does a better job than anything else I’ve tried recently and it’s double the price of some very comparable, more budget options like L’Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara £11.99, or Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara £8.99.

For a high-end comparison, Monsieur Big Mascara from Lancome, £21.00 is the other one I’ve seen raved about since its release and my friend told me it’s fabulous.

So unfortunately this isn’t a product I can really recommend…..I pride myself on writing no bullsh*t beauty reviews.

Have you tried it? if so, let me know what you think!


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  1. July 22, 2018 / 12:35 pm

    Love the results…This along with the Lancome one are of my favorite mascaras ever!!

  2. July 22, 2018 / 3:56 pm

    Ahaha I heard so much about this mascara. Sad to see it wasn’t really as great as it was hyped.

    Ash |

  3. July 22, 2018 / 5:27 pm

    It looks great on you, but I’m glad to know it’s not the best for the price! Thanks for being real about that – I always question “premium” products and if they actually deliver for the price.

  4. July 23, 2018 / 12:59 am

    Ah bummer! I hate when something is so hyped, only to disappoint. Thanks for the honesty!

  5. July 26, 2018 / 7:10 am

    I love the old style mascara brushes because they give the best result of coverage and the best fullest look.
    All these new style brushes are just not as great to get that fuller look.

  6. July 27, 2018 / 2:34 pm

    My eyes have always been very sensitive to mascara (itch like crazy). Did you get any of that? Btw, the one mascara that my eyes feel comfortable in is Chanel’s long lash mascara (it has a silver band in the container). It’s not clumpy (I wipe the brush lightly with a tissue for extra precaution) and my lashes don’t stick together where I look like there are 8 spider legs growing from my eye. LOL.

    • July 27, 2018 / 2:37 pm

      Ooh that sounds well worth trying thanks! No I didn’t get any irritation from the Too Faced one onto my eyes can be a bit sensitive.

  7. July 30, 2018 / 4:20 pm

    Oh wow! Thanks for sharing the pictures comparing with other mascaras! This definitely looks like a mascara I need to try!

  8. July 30, 2018 / 5:17 pm

    The packaging design is nice, shame it didn’t give you the results you wanted though.

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