My 10 New Fashion Classics

There are certain wardrobe staples – looks that never date and always look stylish…. but I’ve never been one to dress particularly ‘classically’.

I love that style of dressing on other people – I always admire the Spanish girls who will wear a really good pair of jeans with a simple white T-shirt and accessorise with a nice bag and boots and they look SO stylish… but when I try to wear things like that I always feel like I look boring!

I don’t know what it is, I suppose I just tend to feel better in colourful and patterned clothes.

However, occasionally I do like to mix something more classic and refined with some statement, on trend pieces and one of my favourite things to wear in the Spring and Autumn is a trench coat – but it occurred to me the other day, the things I used to consider classic items has changed quite a bit over the past couple of years.


There are quite a few trends that came into fashion for a new season over the past year or two but then never seemed to leave – so I think there are in fact a number of new classics!

Things I used to think were classics included trench coats, crisp white shirts, well cut blazers, boot cut jeans, cigarette trousers and the age-old, traditional brown leopard print…. and they still are, but I would say that for me, there are a number of new classic pieces nowadays which are:

Logo Belts.

The thirst for Gucci belts spread like wildfire last year – unfortunately I can’t afford £250+ just for a belt BUT there are many high street offerings which give the same look ….and of course plenty of ‘gucci style’ offerings on ebay 😉 … one of which I bought recently as an experiment and up close the quality shows that it’s clearly a copy – but it’s still very cute!

See all the latest Gucci Belts here

(Logo hair slides are going to be the next big thing this year, but unlike belts, I doubt they will stay around for long!)

Biker Jackets.

I’ve worn biker jackets for years – I’ve never really stopped since my rock-chick teenage years and I love the contrast of a tough looking jacket over a feminine, floaty dress.

I can’t see this trend going any time soon and its definitely a classic for me.

Lightweight waterfall jacket, £10.99! + Code: boho15(extra 15 % off)~

Black Leather, All Saints £380

Burgundy faux suede, River Island £40 (on sale)

Pink Faux Leather, New Look £39.99


Lightweight waterfall jacket, £10.99! + Code: boho15(extra 15 % off)~

There are so many great non-leather options nowadays and that brings me on to…


But more specifically, in trouser and legging form…

Luxury trousers – Isabel Marant £350

Budget Dupe trousers, Silk Fred £35

Leggings, Lipsy £25

I do think its worth investing in at the least mid-range options with faux leather trousers as I find the cheaper versions are often thin and shiny which can be very unflattering! Or try coated jeans as a ‘softer’ looking option.

Leopard Print…

… but a twist on the traditional brown version – much more colourful versions have been everywhere this year has – red is my favourite, I love it!

Red Midi Dress, Shein, £19.99 + Code: boho15(extra 15 % off)~

Purple Leopard, Topshop £49

Traditional Leopard in on trend Slip Dress style, &otherstories £69

Whistles, £95.20

Red Midi Dress, Shein, £19.99 + Code: boho15(extra 15 % off)~

Baker Boy Hats.

I think this shape of hat suits most people – there are however varying heights of them which make some more flattering than others – I try not to go for the flatter, more rigid shaped hats.

Grey, Next, £14

Black, Monki, £15

Blue, Stories, £23

Faux Fur.

With the UK climate, faux fur is wearable far more often than you initially think – I wear mine every season apart from the height of the Summer really and I love the 70s vibe of a gilet.

Full length teddy, Boohoo, £45.60

Gilet, Mint Velvet, £59.00

Feather effect fur jacket Asos, £59.99

Skinny Jeans

Ok this isn’t groundbreaking as they’ve been a staple for a number of years now and although I really adore a good pair of flares now and again, skinny jeans are going nowhere! They have to be super stretchy though and I find River Island and Next have some of the best.

Grey ripped, Topshop, £42

Khaki Utility, River Island, £45

Luxury Dark Blue – Mother Denim, £235

Statement Bags – rather than chic, classic tones of years gone by, handbags and accessories in general are getting more and more statement in their own right. I have a major handbag festish and apparently logo prints are going to be huge this year.

Topshop, £25

Mid-range Tote, £220

Luxury Dior, £1800

Pleated Skirts.

Super chic yet striking and very flattering I think you can wear a pleated skirt pretty much anywhere. I love them in satin or metallic fabric.

Pink, Missguided £25 

Black, Asos, £28

Ted Baker, £139

…. and finally, Wrap Dresses.

Technically these are old-fashion classics because they were first designed by Diane von Furstenberg and have been around for years…. but they seem to have had a bit of a revival in the last couple of years, in particular frilled wrap dresses which I think are just so feminine and pretty!

Code: boho15(extra 15 % off)~

Animal Print, Red Herring, £22

Grey Satin, Asos, £42

Floral Midi, Preen, £69 

They are the most flattering shape you can possibly wear if you have boobs and hips and add shape if you are more of an athletic shape. Definitely one of my favourite things to wear.

So they’re my new wardrobe classics – but forgetting those, what trends are you going to be wearing this year?

Here’s a fab article from that showcases some of the things we have to look forward to!

Contains gifted products.


  1. Nicci
    February 24, 2019 / 9:35 pm

    I love this, I have all of these except the baker hat and pleated skirt… must put that right! X

  2. March 2, 2019 / 11:28 pm

    I’m 100% with you on the leather jackets!! I wear mine EVERYWHERE and I love it. I’m also in love with your wrap dress suggestions! Feeling inspired to get shopping 🙂

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