September in Pictures!


Working with Dior to create lots of content for them (sharing some of the shots today)

Flights to the UK for the gorgeous country wedding of one of my favourite people

New pink hair

Studying for my TEFL to teach English to foreign students

Finally getting super smooth skin! (product details in this blog)


Generally getting more confident in front of the camera – 2 yrs ago I wouldn’t even post my face online, this month I actually shot pictures in a bikini!!! Major progress for me.

 … So, September was pretty full on and if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you wont be up to date … so here it is, a quick run down of my month in photos!

Working with Dior!

Night out prep in progress…

My first shoot for Dior Makeup …. and my cute new lacy dress and a bag I’m totally obsessed with from Shein .

(As usual you can click the pics to shop and get 15% off with code boho15)

Got to have a nice red lip for nights out 😉

Playing Dress Up!

 Full on, ‘doll-faced’ pink look for my second set of shots for Dior.


Some of the gorgeous products from Dior Makeup – classic red liquid lip and lipstick, heavenly smelling Joy perfume (its truly rivalling my usual Jean Paul Gaultier favourite), a lightweight dewy and youthful skin-giving foundation, the highlight palette of my dreams and a beautifully moisturising serum to prep your skin before applying makeup.

Watching the sun set on Summer!

The final shoot for Dior was my favourite …

 Looks dreamy doesn’t it? But trust me, there were plenty of outtake shots of me screaming with freezing waves slapping up under my armpits!

Gaining Confidence In front of the Camera!

I adore photography, which is the main reason I have a Blog and Instagram but I hate having my picture taken – always have … oh, so that was a great idea to be a Content Creator then Tiff! Well subconsciously that’s kind of why I did it. To push myself – into acceptance and then confidence.

Not that I’ve had a problem with myself ‘in the flesh’, I just always hated the way my image transferred into a photograph.

And that’s starting to change.

The UK at its best!

I’m not fond of its weather or food and don’t even bloody mention the politics … but the UK does impressive country mansions and historical buildings like nowhere else I know of.

I had a very quick trip to England, seeing family and friends who I miss so much and going to a perfect Summer wedding…

I loved taking a few pics for my gorgeous friend on her amazing day, marrying the most wonderful guy … such a chilled, lovely Wedding from start to finish.

Finally Getting Smooth Skin!

After months of being plagued with weird little bumps under the surface of my skin, I finally got rid of them and have a smooth face again – and it happened by accident, thanks to this fabulous stuff!

I was sent the Skin Brightening Collection from skinChemists to try this month and the Micellar Water does its job great as a first step cleanse, I find the Toner a little strange in texture as it’s almost slightly gel-like and it leaves my skin feeling a bit tight – but that may be where its doing its brightening thing I guess … BUT the Lotion is a new hero product for me!

With Vitamin B3, Vitamin C and Provitamin B4 to “brighten, smooth and hydrate” – it does the first 2 things for sure, although I need a bit more moisture, so have been using my usual moisturiser after it too – but for oily skin you wouldn’t need to.

The Lotion claims: “… visibly reduces the appearance of pores, fights shininess, blemishes and clogged pores, creates a smooth, matte finish.”

My skin instantly looked smoother after the first use and it really does make your pores look smaller which is great – but what surprised me was that within a couple of days, the pesky little bumps I’ve had under the surface of my skin started to disappear! The texture has bothered me for a long time and I couldn’t get to the bottom of what caused it, although I now think it may be a foundation – but I’m just so delighted to have found something that’s got rid of them.
I can’t tell you how much more even, bright and smooth my face looks…. I feel like I’ve got it back to where it was a year ago after really struggling with dullness and annoying texture for nearly a year… woohoo!

Because it’s brightening, the lotion is great to use to use after a night out because it perks your skin back up – no more waking up with tired, grey and hungover skin 😉 … yep sorry, subjecting you to my end of night, tired makeup-less face today – but keeping it authentic here!

Dress and bag as before from Shein.

And so with that, the end of September quickly came and Autumn officially arrived …. bring on the spiced lattes, knee high boots and cosy jumpers (umm… and bikinis too whilst I’m still on my little Spanish rock!)

What are you most looking forward to this Autumn?

For me its Halloween – love anything remotely witchy!

Contains gifted products. Dior Shoot 2 & 3 Images, Photographer @nicklanz  All Editing & Product Images @tiffybailey


  1. Molly
    November 2, 2019 / 1:20 pm

    Ummm OH MY GOD these pictures! You’re so creative and stunning.

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