The Makeup Brand That Never Disappoints Me!

I honestly don’t want to even begin to think how much money I’ve wasted on makeup products that made tons of promises and failed to deliver… and whilst I understand beauty products work for some and not others, its always so disappointing when something doesn’t live up to the hype.

So I find it’s a bit of a gamble when buying new products and higher-end makeup really is not cheap!

There is however, one brand that I have never been disappointed in – hand on heart, every single product I’ve bought has done exactly what the marketing blurb claims it will and I recommend it to everybody I know, of all ages …. and that’s Charlotte Tilbury.
I’ve amassed a fair collection but there’s plenty more I have my eye on 😉
Charlotte Tilbury is a renowned professional makeup artist who has worked for the likes of Victoria Secret and for many celebrities and fashion magazines… and she’s now also famous for her high performing products that seem to be designed to give a natural glow to the skin.
So here’s the products I’ve invested in so far …. my fail safe things that I know will always sort my face out even on the roughest of days! 😉

Sculpting/Highlighting Palette:
The Filmstar Bronze and Glow was the first of her cult products I tried….the packaging is beautiful and her compacts always have really good quality mirrors in them.
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Why I love it:
It’s a subtle contour that suits any skin tone and the shades of the two powders are beautiful – a ‘lit from within’ pearly highlight that’s soft and not glittery; a cool toned bronzing contour that can be built up if you wish, but it’s perfect for someone like me who wants more gentle definition and colour rather than full on Instagram face carving contour!

Foundations and Base:
There are 2 foundations, a light and a medium coverage with quite different finishes.
Light Wonder is lightweight and silky, it gives a light-medium coverage as you can build it up. It’s ingredients “smooth, hydrate, illuminate, minimise pores and reduce wrinkles” – plus it pairs beautifully with the gorgeous Wonder Glow which is a primer that gives a radiant, glowy look to your skin. It has “soft focus ceramic microspheres to smooth over wrinkles and perfect the skin tone, creating an anti-ageing optical illusion for a flawless, poreless complexion”.
I agree with all of that, the combination of these two products gives pretty outstanding results.
Why I love it:
When you use the Light Wonder foundation with the glowy base underneath, together with a sweep of her powder on top, it gives such a gorgeous, velvety and smooth look to the face – this is me last week before a night out…no filter or editing and just shot on my mobile phone:

The Magic Foundation is a slightly heavier, medium coverage formulation and is more matte but still natural looking on the skin.
They claim the Magic foundation creates a “flawless, poreless-looking canvas” with a demi matte finish.
You can apply it with your fingers, a brush or a sponge – I like to use the warmth of my fingers to spread it over my face, then press over it with a damp sponge to give a really flawless finish.
Why I love it:
I swear by this for photoshoots because of the coverage and the more matte, but still natural finish as it doesn’t look flat like full matte formulas so I also think this would be a great base option for brides this Summer.
This is the last shoot I did using the foundation:
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To complete that perfect face I then use the Airbrush Flawless Finish Pressed Powder.
To be honest, the primer and foundation do such a good job I wasn’t sure I needed this but a friend said it was worth trying and after the first use I was sold.
Why I love it:
I hate powder that shows but this is really finely milled, which gives such an invisible but airbrushed and velvety finish to the skin.


K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick and Lip Cheat Lip Liner:
Lipstick Shade ‘Nude Kate’ paired with Iconic Nude Lip Liner which is the perfect beige nude.
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Why I love it:
I only have the one shade of lipstick so far and I find its a bit too pale for me but its consistency is great – super creamy with good staying power. They have some gorgeous nude pink shades I would like to try – especially the iconic Pillow Talk which is meant to enhance your own natural lip colour.
The lip pencil glides on really nicely but isn’t so soft that it rubs off or is hard to get a nice sharp line with and its the perfect shade to use with tons of colours.

Contour Wand:
This is the latest beauty in my collection which a friend bought me for my birthday (she too has discovered the joys of this brand and is as obsessed as I am!).
Why I love it:
I’d seen great reviews of this product but was a bit scared of using a cream contour – I needn’t have been, this is super easy to use because it blends like a dream with a sponge.
I tend to use it at night when I want more definition and you can also set it with a gentle sweep of the bronze and glow palette.


So those are the Charlotte Tilbury products I’ve tried and tested, that have never failed me…. but there are many more on my list I want to collect!

Things I want to try next:

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