Getting a Rose-y Glow!

I’m pretty careful with the products I recommended on here as I’m very conscious that people may spend money based upon what I say… so I like to really try out products properly, for a decent amount of time before I speak about them and if there’s a specific brand I’m recommending in particular, there has to be a good number of their products that I find both high performing and enjoyable to use.

A brand I’d read really good things about in the press and on social media, but never actually used, is Pixi Beauty and they started sending me some of their products a few months ago.

They’re particularly well-known for their glow tonics which gently exfoliate the skin and the latest lot of goodies they sent me was a Rose infused ‘skin treats’ routine in a very pretty travel bag.

I’ve been a big fan of their Rose Tonic for a while – its such a gentle, calming toner that’s perfect for sensitive or tired skin, so I was really interested to try out the rest of their rose routine…. and I have to say I’m impressed and will definitely buy certain products when they run out.

Although the products are gentle, you can actually see and feel a difference in your skin after you’ve used them…. plus I’m a sucker for nice packaging and its so pretty it looks really nice in my bathroom which is a bonus 😉

I also have some of their makeup to try out which I’ll talk about another time, but for now here’s my thoughts on their specific skincare products with shopping links at the bottom.

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Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths:

These wipes smell beautiful and they are lovely and moist so they feel soft on the skin… I keep them with my make up and mainly use them for tidying up my eye make up before I put my base on and they feel really nice on the delicate eye area.

Rose Cream Cleanser:

I have to say the first couple of times I use this cleanser my skin felt quite tingly afterwards and I was worried I was going to get a reaction as my skin can be quite sensitive, but there was nothing visible and it quickly stopped happening.

It’s quite a thick cleanser that has an earthy smell to it and it’s definitely very effective at removing makeup – there’s not alot else to say about a cleanser really, I don’t consider them to be the most important step in a skincare routine but it does the job quickly and is pleasant to use.



I already mentioned I’m a big fan of the Rose Tonic and I use this on days when my skin is feeling a bit dry, hot from the Sun or sensitive and I alternate it with the Glow Tonic, which is an exfoliating toner I was also sent by Pixie – one of their cult products – and I find that more gentle than the Alpha H product I was previously using.

Exfoliating toners are great if you have any pigmentation or acne and I find if I have any blemishes coming, I will use the Glow Tonic on the area and they generally don’t develop into full-on spots!

They also sent me a Retinol Toner which is an area of skincare I’ve just started looking into for anti-ageing.

Retinol is great for minimising fine lines, smoothing the texture of your skin and again, pigmentation.

I like the idea of using a gentle toner version rather than a full-on topical treatment or serum as my skin gets used to it, because you have to introduce it grsdually or you can have a reaction and you also have to be careful if you are then going out in the sun because it makes your skin more sensitive to the UV… so this is something I’ve started incorporating once or twice a week.

The Rose tonic is my absolute favourite of their toners though and it always feels a real treat to use on the skin, it’s very gentle, soothing and nourishing plus it smells heavenly!


Rose Caviar Essence:

This is my ultimate skin hangover cure! It’s a light gel with peach particles in it that burst on the skin and give you a bit of a glow – but not with shimmer, it just stops you looking pasty and tired!

It feels lovely and fresh on the skin so it’s great for hot days too.


A few evenings a week, to give my skin a bit of a boost I use the Rose Oil Blend after toning and before moisturising, which is a light, luxurious feeling and gorgeous smelling oil that I use as an extra step in my routine. I would say this would be fabulous for anybody with dry skin.

Rose Ceramide Cream:

A creamier, thicker moisturiser than the Caviar Essence, the Rose Ceramide Cream disappears nice and quickly into the skin. I thought it would be too rich for my face at this time of year so I’ve been using it on my body and it’s wonderful on the decolletage and boob area!


Rose Flash Balm:

This is a multitasking product designed to give your skin a boost whether you are using it as a moisturiser, primer or applying a thicker layer as a mask.

I have to say this is my least favourite product because I didn’t really notice any difference in my skin after using it as a mask and as a primer it pilled on the skin if you rub it…. so I think you would need to have quite dry skin to benefit from using this and do so just as a more intensive moisturiser.


Rose Glow Mist:

I adore this face mist – it has 7 different flower oils in it and you can use it anytime you want to freshen up your skin or make up. I tend to use it when putting my make-up on several hours after moisturising in the morning, just to give me a bit of extra moisture before applying my primer or foundation and I also use it to wake my face up throughout the day, if I’m working in front of the computer or if I’ve been out in the sun. Love it!


Makeup Fixing Mist:

This is the product I have the least experience of using because I automatically still reach for my Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray – but when that has run out I shall be moving on to this! I like the fact it’s meant to be moisturising and comforting aswell as prolonging your make up and you can also use it to refresh your face throughout the day.

So that’s my roundup of the Pixi products I’ve used the most to date and I would highly recommend the brand as a whole – particularly if you want to get some glow back to your face or have sensitive skin…. and I love that it’s cruelty free.

I think their products are quite innovative and different to other things on the market, which is hard to find nowadays and it’s reasonably priced too.

Click below to view the mentioned Pixi Products:

Have you used any of their products and if so what are your favourites?

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