Life Update & My Summer Fashion Faves!

So, hello ….. its been a while! How are you?

I’ve had some messages asking why I haven’t been posting here as often lately and basically ‘life stuff’ got in the way… but today I have an update on what I’ve been doing over the past couple of months plus my favourite types of dresses that I’ve lived in this Summer!

So here we go … starting with me on the roof at 7.30 am, in howling winds blowing sand over from the Sahara, armed with my trusty camera remote…

I pretty much live in dresses at any time of year, but especially in the Summer because I’m not really a shorts person, plus I can then wear the same things with tights in the Autumn when I’m back in the UK …. and there are 3 specific types of dresses I’ve the most wear out of this year:

Fave Dress No.1 – A Maxi – THE fave!

I adore this dress! The shape, the colour and print are just perfect.

See it here
Use code boho15  for an extra 15% off!

When I try to tell you specifically what I’ve been up to, it honestly is a little bit of a blur!

With COVID stopping me Flying back and forth to England I’ve been making lots of little updates to my house abroad, working, studying online to learn some new Design skills, struggling with learning Spanish and lots of videoing with friends and family to try to stay in touch.

One of the updates I’ve done at the villa is in my bedroom – adding some new bedding, a cosy chill out chair and a nice little clothes rail to put different things on each week in an effort to use more of my wardrobe.

Fave Dress No. 2 – A loose, simple White Cotton Shift – to keep cool when its 40 degrees outside!

See the shift dress here
Use code boho15  for an extra 15% off!


Another thing I’ve been trying to do is read more, to help my brain switch off from other things – I find it very calming and this book is fantastic if you’re a fellow creative type.

Other things I’ve been doing are building a couple of websites for people, walking my dog by the sea every evening to wind down, exploring the Island more now I have a car and I’ve also been desperately trying to find the time to take more creative photos – images I love, not just for what is popular on Instagram (find me here)… so hopefully I’ll be posting some of those soon.

I’ve also been trying to get my sleep back on track as its been all over the place recently, hence the grey puffy eyes in these pics!! Any tips on getting better sleep?

I’ve just had a major clearout of my wardrobe too, which brings me on to …

Fave Dress No.3 – Kimono Style!

See the kimono dress here
Use code boho15  for an extra 15% off!

Ooh and I’m now on Season 5 of Mad Men on Netflix – have you seen it?

I’ve been testing out some new makeup from Pixi that they sent me as I’ve previously only used their skincare and I’m really impressed, so I’ll hopefully do a review of that for you soon.

So, that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to… and wearing recently 😉

Have you managed to still have a nice Summer despite the crazy world we’re living in right now?

I truly hope you and your family have stayed safe and well xx

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