Hi I’m Tiffany – thank you so much for visiting my Blog!

I write about fashion and interiors, beauty and adventures – things I love and the latest trends mixed with an eclectic edge.
I’m based in the UK but obsessed with travel and spend a couple of months of the year in warmer climes, so you will often see references to Palm trees and sunshine here on my blog!

Of course I love keeping up all the latest trends, but I also mix them up with things that have a bit of an edge or with more classic pieces – so I guess I would describe my style as being ‘eclectic’.  I like a bit of ‘modern boho’ and I really love an outfit that has contrast – so something very feminine like a floaty, floral dress paired with a tougher looking biker jacket or chunky, statement boots.

My favourite times of the year are Spring and Autumn, I love seeing the new seasons blooming in both fashion and the outdoors – but I cannot stand being cold, so winter is often when you will see me jumping ship from the UK!

Photography is a big passion of mine so I love that blogging gives me the opportunity to take creative pictures of products and places I enjoy … I hope that you find something here to inspire you and if there’s anything in particular you would like me to write about, please do get in touch as I love hearing from you all!

Ooh and I’d also be very happy if we became friends on Instagram!

Much love,

Tiffany x