A few months ago my wardrobe was a total mess, I only wore about half of it and everything was crushed together in a vaguely organised fashion. My wardrobe was getting fuller and fuller, yet I always felt I didn’t have much to wear!

It needed sorting out big time, so I started researching – looking at capsule wardrobes and minimalism (definitely not for me!), thinking about different styles and how I would ideally like to dress…. and staring at my wardrobe, pondering on better ways to organise it.

In the end I came up with a simple way of defining my style and sorting my wardrobe out once and for all …. and it really worked!

I found the process so helpful that I’ve written a downloadable mini magazine which gives you 5 Simple Steps to ‘Develop Your Personal Style… AND Organise Your Wardrobe in the Process!’

It’s free for you to download here now.

I really hope you enjoy it!